Nue from Karas,by Kristy

A rogue Mikura who has come to Shinjuku, Japan to defeat Ekou Hoshunin. He has turned his back on Eko and renounced his evil ways. He carries two gold pistols and a rifle to handle the Mikura so he does not have to take on his true form, but his need to feed on the blood of humans threatens to overcome him.  Also all "Nue" are born in pairs and have the power of electricity, both are essential to Ekou's plan.


He has puffy red hair with a brown scarf wrapped around it. He usually wears a brown and red jacket-vest and carries a guitar case with him (The guitar is never actually seen). He is also always wearing light yellow shades.(While in human form).


Nue has come to Shinjuku, Japan to defeat Eko and find out what has happened to his little brother. Both he and his brother once served under Eko and it is never clear why they turned on him. When Nue finally gets to Eko, it is revealed that Nue is actually part of their plan and is captured.

In the end, he is saved by Otoha who has once again recieved his Karas powers.